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Do you study to become a harbour pilot? Or, more simply, do you want to deepen "the ship handling" to be more aware of its dynamics?

In these courses you will find what you need!
Find out why it works!

  • Professional pilots explain the ship handling.
  • Quality videos, 3D animations and texts have in-depth links.
  • You can clarify doubts by asking the authors directly via the "contact" form.

Skilful manoeuvring come with study and practice. Finding suitable material backed up by experience like here isn't easy.

Most of the information comes from teachers who have never operated on a ship. Having professionals who answer your questions can be pretty helpful.

A manoeuvring course, enriched by texts, ordered and well structured, allows you to have all the material necessary for the study.
The videos and links offer a less tedious and more accessible teaching model.

What we propose, in particular, has two fundamental peculiarities:

  1. Each course consists of a part dedicated to the theory necessary to manoeuvre with knowledge and a practice one, supported by twenty years of experience.
  2. There will be chapters dedicated to developing numerous manoeuvres, explained by 'going straight to the point' and putting into practice what has been studied in the theoretical sections.

The first courses are “The Propellers”, “The rudders”, and “The Anchors”—fundamental topics to build the bases in ship handling.

We call It the “ABC of Manoeuvring”.

The series of naval manoeuvring courses continues by going deeper and deeper, interspersing theory and sections dedicated to explaining practical manoeuvres.


Welcome to SBE – Academy!

ABC of the manoeuvre – Tugs – Interactions, the offer grows!

StanByEngine does not stop, and the staff is constantly looking for interesting topics to be developed with experts in the sector to offer you the broadest possible range of training courses.

Our courses want to offer a solid starting point to face a constantly changing world of work made up of increasingly complex and specialised professionals. We will deal with naval manoeuvring and meteorology, planning, maritime terminals, etc. Our students may return to the topics repeatedly, repeat the quizzes and download the certificate of completion.

The offer of SBE – Academy On-Line courses is constantly updated!

Below is the list of courses:


SBE Course – The Harbour Tugs (Part 1 of 2)

A tugboat Captain must know the theory surrounding these vessels and, even more, must have the ability to shape it with his own experience in the environment in which he works, considering the numerous variables and then adapt everything to the style of manoeuvre of the pilot on duty.
This course is for those who aspire to command a harbour tug, pilots and aspiring pilots, captains/officers of ships, and those interested in the subject.


SBE Course – The Harbour Tugs (Part 2 of 2)

That of tugs is a real-world within the maritime field.
Fascinating, adventurous and complex. A tugboat Captain must be able to connect the theory and the skill in the environment in which he works. Not everyone can stand out in this work. The Port Tug Course deals with essential topics; as we always say: we propose the theory necessary for practice.


SBE course – Manoeuvring Interaction-Aware

This course examines the ship/ship and ship/dock interactions that affect naval manoeuvring. These invisible forces are often insidious. Knowing them is the right way to avoid them ... or use them to reach our goal. The course is for pilots and captains, student pilots, and those interested in ship handling.


ABC of the Manoeuvre – The Anchors

An anchor is an essential tool, often underestimated. However, dropping an anchor remains the last thing to do when no other options are available, and its simplicity can help us save a manoeuvre. In this course, we will see how to use the anchor practically to moor, unmoor, slow down or stop the ship by going through some of the manoeuvres performed. We will also see how and when to intervene to manage an emergency.


ABC of the Manoeuvre – The Rudders

'The rudders' is a topic to be known to proceed in the study of ship handling. Over the years, while maintaining its function, this navigational aid has undergone changes and improvements that have made it more reliable and performing.
Upon completing this course, the candidate will understand the rudder's characteristics and their correct use in manoeuvring.


SBE Course – Weather and Manoeuvring

This course is for ship captains/officers and anyone interested in ship handling. The contents deal with meteorology basics to understand the effects of the weather phenomena that affect the manoeuvre. Practical examples and summary quizzes complete the course.


SBE Course – NLP Pilot | Master

This course is for ship captains/officers and anyone interested in good relationships on board.
"We can live the same experiences differently depending on how we are willing to deal with them. NLP helps us become aware of the impact that words, gestures, and thoughts have on ourselves and the people around us." Quizzes complete this unique short course.


ABC | Anchors, Propellers, Rudders | Practical Examples

In this course, we analyse different manoeuvres, and the information is backed with real-life examples to ensure a greater understanding. A series by STANDBYENGINE called the ‘ABC of the Manoeuvre’; this course is the final chapter in the series; you should complete it all to gain a whole perspective.


ABC of the Manoeuvre – The Propellers

When facing a manoeuvring test, it is not uncommon that the first topic you encounter is precisely the propellers' effects. To better understand this aspect, it is necessary to briefly mention the different characteristics between fixed and controllable pitch propellers. But that's not enough, because there are many other aspects to consider.

Do you know the acting forces in the propellers' swinging or the Paddle-wheel effect? Why does the Coanda effect occur? The Azipods and their use in manoeuvring?


SBE VIDEO Course | Pilotage | Ship Manoeuvring (Tanker)

The manoeuvre through the eyes of the harbour pilot. What does he see from the bridge, and what are his arguments. It is the first step that the trainee pilot takes during his study path. Ship's handling video lesson. Oil tanker mooring in Genoa Oil terminal.


SBE VIDEO Course | Pilotage | Ship Manoeuvring (Ro/Ro)

Ro/Ro vessels and car carriers are special ships that 'feel' the wind a lot. It is essential to consider this. How to bring a ship of this type safely to berth? How to use the tugs? Let's see how a pilot plans the mooring manoeuvre. Ship's handling video lesson. A Ro/Ro Vessel handled in Genoa in a windy day.