ABC of the Manoeuvre – The Propellers

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When facing a manoeuvring test, it is not uncommon that the first topic you encounter is precisely the propellers’ evolutionary effects. To better understand this aspect, it is necessary to briefly mention the different characteristics between fix-pitch and variable-pitch propellers and then – with some examples – fix this information with the reasoning developed to haul a ship to the quay. But that’s not enough, because there are many other aspects to consider.

Do you know the acting forces in the propellers’ swinging or the Paddle-wheel effect? Why does the Coanda effect occur? The Azipods and their use in manoeuvring?

In addition to these topics, we will also talk about Pivot Point, Cavitation, propulsion systems, etc. Upon completing this course, the candidate will understand the characteristics of the types of propulsion and their use in manoeuvring.

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