SBE Course – The Harbour Tugs (Part 1 of 2)

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That of tugs is a real-world within the maritime field.
Fascinating, adventurous and complex. A tugboat Captain must know the theory surrounding these vessels and, even more, must have the ability to shape it with his own experience in the environment in which he works, considering the numerous variables and then adapt everything to the style of manoeuvre of the pilot on duty. Not everyone can stand out in this work. The Port Tug Course deals with essential topics; as we always say: we propose the theory necessary for practice.

The learning outcomes of courses 1 of 2 will include:

Knowledge of different types of Tugs
Bollard Pull
Understand the Direct or Indirect towing method
How the Tug’s lines work
Learning about the influence of the Pivot Point
Recognize Girting and Capsizing
How To Fast a Tug Safely