Standbyengine Srls was born in 2020.

It is the new waypoint of a route traced by events, experiences, and the desire to learn and transmit what comes from the continuous search for a higher level.
Standbyengine collects the knowledge gained over the years by different people in character, history and skills; people who, merged into a single project, become the essential ingredients to continue the journey we have planned.

The sea, and what concerns it, borders our field of action.

Career aboard merchant ships, years of command, decades of experience in ship handling carried out by working as harbour pilots, continuous training, publication of books, articles, videos and conferences, experimental manoeuvres, hundreds of experiences on simulators, participation in countless technical tables, feasibility studies and production of guidelines for new port operations and structural changes, and much more.

Each experience is a brick that contributed to the creation of Standbyengine.

In 2021 SBE becomes a partner of Seably.

In 2022 SBE becomes a consultant for RINa.

In 2016 the site was born.

Italy is a beautiful state that bathes 7500 km of coastline in the sea.
In this country, there are 534 commercial and tourist ports.
The induced activity around this reality is enormous, yet the average knowledge of the professions linked to the maritime world is at least low.
Schools have made significant progress; compulsory training courses are numerous and, in principle, meet the needs.
Nonetheless, direct contact with young people who aspire to a satisfying career on ships lifts the veil on the missing link between theory and practice.
It is from this awareness that Standbyengine is born: the desire to provide – through videos, articles, handouts, publications and direct contact – the possibility to those who want to condense their theoretical knowledge, to draw from points of view that put first practice slowly, using only the strictly necessary theory.