Let’s Take Off the Rudder! Copy

The Most Popular Systems Without Rudders


It is the progenitor of this kind of engine. Invented in 1950 by Joshep Becker, the revolutionary rudder pivoting propeller was called “azimuth” by analogy to the angle it was able to describe. The main feature of this system is the combination of propulsion and 360° steering. Since it is unnecessary to have a rudder, convert the engine’s total power into thrust without loss of efficiency. Above all, the thrust power is the same for each rotation angle. The rudder propeller can be fixed or variable pitch, often equipped with a duct. We find it, in its variants, in different types of ships such as Icebreakers, Cable-laying, tugs of all classes, Support ships, Mobile platforms, Self-propelled pontoons, etc.

It is the basis of DP – Dynamic Positioning – systems, often used by these boats.

Tandem Propeller (Twin Propeller)

It consists of two propellers that rotate in unison on the same axis and in the same direction and two fins for flow correction. This combination results in a significant increase in thrust compared to the corresponding mono-propeller. The best-known tandem system is the Schottle Twin Propeller, STP. Ultimately, the STP optimises the propeller-rudder system since it divides the workload between two propellers in line, improving overall efficiency. One of the two propellers sucks the water, while the second pushes it in the same direction, increasing the first. Compared to the classic propeller-rudder and the same diameter, the double three-blade propeller provides greater power and is minor subject to cavitation. The reduced diameter of the propellers allows to limit the draft, and the power developed can guarantee speeds up to 21 knots, excellent for medium-fast ships.

You can find more information here: Twin Propeller.


Azimuth propeller with Schottle patent, the EcoPellers guarantee better course stability than the previous ones and lower consumption thanks to their shape and the absence of the duct. As the name suggests, this propeller winks at the owner attentive to emissions, relying on a vertically mounted electric motor, eliminating shaft lines and gears and reducing polluting emissions into the atmosphere.

You can find more information here: EcoPeller.