Giano Tug

Giano tug is a slight harbour tug: 26m x 13m with a central and panoramic bridge and a pair of in-line azimuth thrusters at the ends. A particularly complex and patented hull shape allows excellent handling and full pulling/pushing power in every direction: in practice, it is powerful, versatile, and simple to manoeuvre.

It is easily recognizable due to the fenders that envelop it for 360 degrees, descending below the waterline on the sides, demonstrating that it can push in any direction, even operating at a ship’s side at full power.

The position of the thrusters and the absence of skeg fins make it immune to the disturbances of the ship’s wake during approach operations, even at high speeds. As a result, it can move sideways up to 7 knots.

But the absolute novelty of this tug is that it can be remotely operated thanks to a 4G and VSAT connection that allows remote steering, video system control, navigation parameters, propulsion and automation. With the advent of 5G, we imagine becoming more straightforward and reliable. Thus, the Giano tug is a current project that deserves to follow in its evolution. (Giano tug).